Who We Are

Mercure deals with producing single-use, disposable surgical instruments along with hospital equipment for medical practices. Our clients are within private healthcare, medical clinics, nursing, and care homes along with various private consumers.
Our office is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our team works in full commitment to ensure that all instruments are in the best of the condition and are produced on time. We also supply customized instrument sets and our research and development department works consistently to create innovative techs & solution.

  • Our Heritage:
    We are proud of our incredible heritage of being blacksmith of the elements, air, earth, water & fire. Man chose fire and with it forget his will upon world and the journey we have made so far. Our vision now has been to create a medical device business that specialized in the manufacturing of single-use surgical instruments. We have our eyes set on an even brighter and more exciting future.

  • Our beliefs:
    Mercure has always been boundless and dynamic. The faith of our clients is a representation of our confidence and enthusiasm as we embark on an exciting journey of expansion, innovation, and growth. Our belief is to deliver high-quality medical devices that are up to the mark with world-class products.

  • Our Promise:
    Our promise to our valuable clients is to provide them with product of their choice at economical prices and an exceptional level of service. We look forward to connecting and developing with our clients.

  • Our Values
    Mercure lives by deeply-embedded values. Our values give us standards by which we measure ourselves. Our values guide us and show us the way ahead. And our values are what come back to always.
    We are committed to the needs of our customers, no doubt our existence is dependant on them. We ensure that none of our codes and beliefs are violated since our license to work is our ethical behavior. Every day, we look forward to doing better and smarter.