why single use is becoming popular?

Mercure Health

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    With revolutionary dynamic, cost decisions are vital as our range provides customers with products at economical prices

  • Zero % contamination chances

    Zero % contamination chances

    With waterborne diseases emerging, single use instruments assist in decreasing the chances of cross contamination in hospital’s hygienic environment.

  • Covid-19


    A recent pandemic, which has altered the future of healthcare industry to a precautionary approach. Single use is the right choice to cope with these pandemics

Exceptional In Everyway

Mercure Health

Highly flexible

When locked-open, the Ultraspec speculum can be forced completely closed without breaking.

Large, smooth-spinning nut

fast, single-handed operation and easy grip.

Large finger grip

Greater surface area with enhanced grip for ease of use.

Large access opening

Increased visibility and improved access for instruments.

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What Mercure Supplies?


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    At Mercure, we provide our clients with a wide range of stainless steel single-use surgical instruments. Our surgical instruments are designed innovatively through advanced technology. They are easy to use for surgeons and healthcare workers. Our team ensures that they are of high quality and sterilized. They are packed in protective packaging and shipped to our clients.

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    Hospital Equipments

    At Mercure, we provide a wide range of surgical instruments from beds to drawers and from couches to infant cribs. The products are of innovative designs and high quality. They are user-friendly and can be used in the long term. We also provide washbasins, warmers, and stretchers. Every hospital equipment that is essential is produced at Mercure.

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    Hygienic Products

    Mercure provides healthcare staff with hygiene products to prevent infection and transmission of diseases. It provides hygiene to the staff. We provide a variety of drapes, gowns, gloves, etc. They are infection-free and act as a barrier against pollutants particles. These are single-use and should be disposed of after surgical process.

Hygiene Products

Mecure health

Eye protection

Basic safety goggles Chemical splash goggles face shield.


surgical mask N-95 respirator Half -mask respirator full face respirator.

Skin protection

DCotton/polyester blend Flame-resistant polyester

Hand protection

Disposable latex gloves Disposable nitrile gloves Rubber latex gloves

Gowns & Drapes

Gowns help protect you from the contamination of clothing with potentially infectious material.

Shoe and Head Covers

Shoe and head covers provide a barrier against possible exposure within a contaminated environment.

Why Clients Choose Mercure

Designed to protect

Innovative Design

We provide those designs through which healthcare professionals are comfortable using. Our designs are versatile. We know the art of turning a good product into a great product through our innovative designs. We ensure that our products would be a seamless extension of the surgeon’s hand by work easier and better.

Certified Products

Mercure meets the surgeons and healthcare center by giving immense importance to the health and safety of patients. We have a team of highly qualified experts who ensure that we produce adequate products that are up to the mark. We provide our clients with certified products and we are Certified by "CE 9001, 13485"

Manufacturing Strength

Mercure provides its customer with high-quality surgical instruments and medical equipment to surgeons, health care centers, and health care professionals. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality products of brilliant quality. Our craftsmen ensure that the right materials are used and their quality is strictly examined. Our products go through numerous steps and quality assurance before they are packed and delivered.

Advanced Approaches

We have a team of experts who come up with innovative ideas that can be used to produce high-quality and adequate surgical instruments. They come up with unique strategies to produce efficient equipment and surgical instruments. At Mercure, we use the latest technology and advanced approach to producing high-quality products.

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